Looking for some help, trying to add pasta items to the menu. Problem is the only thing i have is a conveyor oven & a microwave. Is this possible & can you share what and how you can prepare pasta dishes in a conveyor oven? i don’t even have anything to boil water with. Thanks

Boiling pasta in a MW is doable, but I’d splurge & get an induction cook top … 1c15561fcf

prefer 240V over 110V…

We reheat frozen pasta for a minute & heat some sauce, cover pasta then top w/cheese & 1/2 way ride thru the conveyor…

Get a tabletop steam warmer/soup warmer type thing. Reheat your pre-cooked pasta in the water to order. Reheat the sauce in the micro.

I got this method from a fellow think tanker about a year ago and it has worked quite well. Fill a shallow half pan with water and pasta and run it through the conveyor twice, you may have to play with it a little, you want the pasta to be al dente. Then drain the pasta and shock with an ice bath and portion into individual and family size orders. Once, you get an order whether it be spaghetti, chicken alfredo, or lasagna top with sauce and cheese and run through the conveyor one more time and you have a finished product.

Sorry, I can not remember the think tanker who posted this method originally.