thinking of adding pasta to the menu,we only do pizza, calzones and wings.looking for some ideas that anyone has, what types and which one is your best seller.i will have a 6 burner stove with a oven to cook it. tx.

Lasagna/baked pasta is always a hit. Easy to portion, uses lots of what you already have in house. Tubular pasta shapes are popular these days: penne, ziti, mastaccoli, cavatappi. Easy to do stovetop cheese sauces, marainara, signature meatsauce, cream/cheese based “alfredo” type. Sausage, meatballs and chicken become easy add-ons.

I even made some heads turn with an aglio e olio (garlic & oil with parm).

Nick have you re-opened?..

Nope. Still poke around in here on my own time :slight_smile: I’m an insurance adjuster right now. I still talk with people about foodservice and pizza a bit.

I agree penne pasta has been huge addition for us

Id stay away from Lasagna right away cause it will go bad fast.

Start with Penne… You can do so many dishes with penne…

Chicken Penne Alfredo… Fast easy and a good mover.

Add Pee’s, Bacon, Mushrooms to that and you have a Penne Carbonara.

Penne is the way to go… I get 20 pounds (uncooked) from roma for about $14…