Pastitsio is as much fun to say as it is to eat!

Nick’s reason number 12 to make your own cream sauce: you can use the same sauce to make pastitsio using items already in your shop.

Had some parmesan garlic cream sauce going to expire tomorrow. SOooooo . . . I grabbed a recipe and made pastitsio using some sample (free) cavatappi that USFoods gave me today. Beef, onion, cinnamon, tomato, cheese . . . we all have these in our shops. 1st sample feedback has been positive. Gotta get my technique right, though. Too much macaroni on top making it look like meringue from a ditance :slight_smile:

the cavatappi gives it a unique texture and appearance. I can probably use a little less than elbow macaroni due to its bulk when cooked. It doesn’t fit so easily together as elbows.