Paul....when is your SMart getting wrapped?


Meeting with the graphic designer for first time today. I hope to have it done by late next week or early the following week. Someone will have to teach me how to post photos here once it’s done.

I’m on the waiting list but it looks like I’m at least a year out. Can’t bring myself to spend $20k just to get one now.

The one I ordered won’t be here till NOV to JAN but I got one from the dealer that someone else ordered and didn’t pick up. Cost me $13060. My local dealer doesn’t add dealer options to their “orphans” so it worked out great. This will become my sons car once the one I ordered arrives.

dewar is good at that kind of stuff. If dewar or anyone that knows how to post photos on here can maybe give us computer illiterate a step-by-step instruction on how to do it I know at least two of us that will be grateful.

There is a real estate agent that has a bright red VW Bug wrapped. She parks it in the lawn right out front of her house near a busy intersection and always grabs my attention when I drive by. It’s a great marketing tool and when you compare it to the monthly costs we spend on other marketing vehicles(no pun intended) it’s worth it.