paul7979 - Gators are lucky


You’re lucky KU had a bad game against UCLA or flah would be sitting at home tonight watching the game. -J_r0kk

Yeah, yeah yeah. Lucky to win the BCS game as well? GO GATORS!!! Win another one so I can have another record night!!! Any Ohio State fans wish to place a freindly wager on tonights game(I’m thinking dressing in the other teams colors at work next Friday!)

Don’t like either team. Although, I had a HS friend/teammate who was a Track Coach for FSU. Guess that makes me a Gator Fan.

I’ll stick with my Longhorns. Heard the other day Kevin Durant may come back to school for another year? Watch out next year if that’s the case. Not sure if he can pass up that 20 million waiting for him though, tough decision.

My guess… Some Ohio State Fan is gonna be wearing Orange and Blue.

Lucky Gators ?!? Heck I was thinking lucky paul7979.

Gators+Finals=Cha Ching !

I hope you have a record night. If so, let us “wanna bes” know what it is

What was it at the BCS game…it’s Gator Nation…Go Gators !


We ended up with $4700. Not anywhere close to the record day the BCS produced, but this is a football town. I’ll stay busy all week as the team flies in, and they’ll have a celebration, ect ect… Saturday, for the final 4 I had my third best day ever. Certainly helped me finish with a great week. Go Gators, I do feel lucky to be in a town that has done so well in sports, as it definatly helps sales. Everyone in a college town should reap the benifits of march maddness. Whether its pro, college, little league, or any other level, take advantage of what’s there!

thanks and “way to go”

that’s lots of pizza, and deliveries,
that would be a record week for me !
keep up the good work,