Pay at the door

anyone have any success with credit card transactions at the door? Pros/cons

Ive been using this for 5 years now, id never go back.

I use Worldpay Swipesimple. The drivers use their phones and I provide the mobile swipers
Its easy

Last month we 2.25%

Have you ever had lost equipment or any problems at all? Customers not comfortable with it?

Ive had a few readers broken over the years but I get them for free, I just tell me worldpay rep I need a couple new readers and they ship them to me free of charge.

Never had any weirdness from customers they all think its cutting edge.

If they must pay over the phone- bc theyre ordering for a child at home, or Covid-19 issue I suggest ordering online next time to them. And I just do the transaction over the phone. I have a tender set up in my system for those pay over the phone transactions so all me drivers cash responsibilities are correct

I am interested in that simpleswipe. How would I contact them?