pay for door hanging

What is the going rate to pay people for door hanging ?
I am in a small town, mostly single family homes on 1/4 acre lots.

We pay our dhers minumum wage. We try to have some sort of incentive bonus for them each week as well. We’ll make up teams and give out bonuses for exceeding dher goal per hour or number of returns.

5000 doorhangers=$300
Extra staffing hours to handle anticipated rush=$120
Extra inventory to prepare for anticipated rush=$750
Finding a group of “suckers” to doorhang in the Arizona summer heat=[size=5]PRICELESS!!![/size]

Finding a group of “suckers” to doorhang in the Arizona summer heat=PRICELESS!!!

…you are right about that Paul.
thanks for the numbers, may have to pay a little more in this heat,

we’re lucky—for two years we have a woman (about 52) that doesnt like air conditioning that will walk all day if I let her. we pay min wage and she can do about 100 houses an hour more for apartments but we only let her walk four hours a day

oh but you have to be carefull some will just go to the nearest conven store and buy a beer and throught your door hangers in the trash lol

my favorite door hangin story little off topic here but my sis in law lives in vegas came home from doctors office goes upstairs to rest 119 degress outside wakes up think she heres someone bangin on front door but dogs are not barking so she does not check goes back to sleep her renter comes home couple hours later pounding on front door frantickly saying to call 911 there some bloated dead guy in the front yard she goes outside theres door hangers all over the front yard and this overly ripe bloated dead guy and the 911 dispatcher tells my sis in law to start cpr she says she aint touching the guy hes dead they figure he had been out there about 3 hours good luck otis on hangin them up in quartzsite heck el diablo dosent even stop at luvs in august :twisted:

^ :shock: can anyone translate this ? lol

Fat guy dies on relative’s front lawn while doorhanging.

He didn’t die with a stack of pizza fliers in his hand, did he?

If so, then there is a moral to the story:

  1. A door knob will not hold a 200 pound door hanger

  2. Out of shape pizza guys need to exercise more, or they will never have to again