payroll checks

Anybody using Paychex or a comparable company to do there payroll ?
I am looking at using a company, even as small as I am, about 6 employees.

I don’t use it but my bank offers the service. The price through them was less than the other options I looked at.


You don’t have an accountant? I use a local guy here. He’s a younger guy just starting his accounting business. For $350/month he pays the bills, does the payroll, pays all taxes including worker’s comp, prints end of month Income Statements. He even comes by the store on Monday’s to pick up paperwork. This effort he puts forth frees me up considerably so that I can do what I love: operations.

I don’t know what your price range is or if you even need one with the mobile store, but if you’re looking at a pricetag of about $350/month, maybe you should find one of these kind of guys around your home. Hope this helps. -J_r0kk

Just got a quote from paychex today. For my store the wanted $132.50+$6.50(shipping) per biweekly pay period, $3.50 per new hire, $40for w-2’s plus $4.50 per W-2 and a $50 setup charge. Would have cost me over $4500 for the year. No thanks!

I use a CPA in GA. I operate in AZ, starting back up in Oct. I need a company here that can deal with the specifics here. Anyway, I do not think he does payroll anyway.
I would like to find a good “restaurant” account. Know any ?

thanks for the input,

I am just wondering why wouldnt you do it your self? I have 15 employees and at the cut off date I run my time sheets of my POS Put it into simply accounting, print it off and write the checks. Takes maybe 20 minutes. T$ at the end of the year take about 1 hour and thats it,


 That is a lot from Paychex.   May be less to hire a bookeeper to do it.

The CPA I use recommended that route. For me this year, volume was too low, totol payroll was less than $2K. Next year, I plan to double the volume, unfortunatly, my payroll will probably more than double…now if I triple sales…


I admire you for doing your own payroll.

otis try they seem pretty reasonable been using them for a year always sending remionders, payroll, taxes due great reports to

I use my bank’s site (Bank of America). I just put in the hours and it calculates everything. It even sends emails to me on taxes due and fills out all the paperwork for me. I did a year-end with our accountant and his review showed it didnt’ miss a thing. I pay $15/month for it so it’s definately the cheapest I’ve found. We pay weekly and I spend about 30 minutes total on payroll (that includes stuffing envelpes and filing the reports) for about 12 employees. I highly recommend it if you’re looking for an easy way to do it at a low cost.

Thank you, but I am still wondering why people dont do their own? Dont get me wrong I am not saying you should do your own I just want to hear why you wouldnt want to, it may make me rethink why I do mine.

I do mine as well. The thing that takes the longest is signing the checks.
POS give me the hours. Simply gives me the printed check and stub alli have to do is sign my life away.

Forget about the expense of doing your own payroll and look at the cost…Time spent doing administration tasks is less time spent focusing on your core business selling and making pizza… Say it takes a couple hours a week to do payroll…Spend that time marketing instead and you can increase your business enough to pay for the expense of contracting out the payroll…Or spend that time improving the efficiency of your operation and/or controlling your food costs…Much bigger payoff…RCS…

I use AD Computer. They’re a local company for me, but they process and ship anywhere in the country.

Prices are fair. I call in my hours and they cut checks and submit all of my tax crap. If they screw up, they promise to fix the mistake and pay for any interest and penalties that result from their error.

I could do it myself, but I know I’d screw something up sometime. I’d rather pay them the $30 a month, and then I know I have nothing whatsoever to worry about.