Payroll help, anyone???

Payroll Questions, FICA Tip Credit Reporting (Tips to min?), TEFRA Compliance, Tax Deposit issues, State or IRS concerns, High Turnover with Unemployment Claims, Worker’s Comp Insurance aggrevations? Doing it manually or with QuickBooks or Peachtree? CPA charging you hundreds a month?

I’m here to help anyone that has questions or needs help with payroll or subcontractor stuff. I have clients all over the country and have discovered that independent retailers really need a helping hand in this area. Sadly, many of them are suckers for embezzling bookkeepers or high software costs, so if I can help answer any questions, shoot me a message! Yes, I work for Paychex, so at least we’re bonded and insured, so no worries about someone stealing your hard-earned cash.

Ask away, and I’ll do my best to help anyone and everyone!

Nicole @ Paychex