Payroll Processing

who do you use for payroll processing and what do they actually do for you
filing, printing, etc


I imagine you were asking about companies…but since no reply yet thought I would tell ya what we do.

We use quickbooks. Purchase a yearly payroll subscription and they update payroll updates.
I run payroll myself. Easy.

I use a local accounting service and they handle everything (printing, records, all of the form filings, etc.).

I do what Kris does, except with Peachtree Accounting software. Someday, I hope to turn it over to a local accounting firm.

Echoing Kris. We use Intuit, “Quickbooks Online.” I run payroll and use free direct deposit from ‘my’ commercial bank (no Quickbooks). Its pretty darn good, hard to beat for about $550/yr.

I use ADP. I input the hours and everything into their easynet system. They print checks, send direct deposits, pay taxes. They process on a monday and i have the info fedex the next day. Direct deposits are in on Wednesday.

Paying roughly $1000 a year.

We also use ADP and we’ve been very happy with the service. We spend about $80 per payroll and they handle all state and federal taxes for us. We run 2x payrolls a month so we’re about $2k year. I put hours in online and checks are sent via courier the next business day. I thought about using QB but when we were trying to get open it was just one more thing to hassle with and learn, and ADP made it very easy. They also do all of the new hire reporting on the state and federal level, one less thing I need to worry about.

We use ADP. Manager calls in hours. Checks arrive the next day signed and ready to hand out. They do all filings, calculate withholding, pay unemployment, pay the taxes, and send the W-2 forms. Cost is about $1000 per year. The only thing we do is call in the hours.

How many employees do you all have on your payroll? I am in the process of trying to find someone to do my payroll & the numbers I am getting from ADP, Paychex & Local guys is a bit higher than $1000-2000 a year. One of the areas we are going to get hit hard is the W-2’s at the end of the year. Most want $4-5.50 per W-2. We have had a bit of turn over and that will not be cheap.

Sometimes the quotes are all christmas treed up with services and reports you do not need. We run about 12-15 employees most of the year and probably about 25 W-2 with turnover.

Let ADP know you are shopping it and check with Heartland too. We use them in our other business.