Payroll Provider

Who is everyone using for payroll services? Local, big guys? We were previously with a large local bank who processed our payroll for approx 7 years ultimately had to part ways because their system couldn’t pull the data from our POS (HungerRush) so they had to manually enter employee hours. This was causing to many human errors. We switched to R365 Payroll and it has been everything but seamless. We are 20 ish weeks in and are dissatisfied. We can’t pull a labor distribution report from there software to give us a total payroll expense for each of our 3 locations.

Who do you all use? And how does your payroll provider handle labor distribution for multiple stores?

Thanks everyone

We use but I’ve looked into ADP and Paychex before, they all do pretty much the same things.

Aliign generates a file our bookkeeper imports into Quickbooks weekly with our different stores separated by a Class marker. If they didn’t have a Class marker, I would make each store’s export file have a slightly different account number for each job type (for example, North’s kitchen would track into account xx101 and South’s kitchen would use xx201).

We use Rasi for our accounting and payroll. I know that we looked the integrated with hunger rush when we were looking for POS providers. We use toast currently. Any issues they had were corrected quickly. They even ate fees once or twice.

I actually came to ask this exact question. We have used Quickbooks payroll for 20 years. It has been a yearly subscription (last year was $550). They are dropping the yearly subscription and going to an online monthly subscription. The monthly subscription is now $37.50 per month (which I could get) but there’s an additional $6/employee/month!!! That comes out to $229.50 per month or $2,754/year!!! WTF that’s quite the hike.

Most of my client’s utilize their POS’ payroll system (such as Toast) or ADP. A POS system will be best for integration purposes (and they might give you a small discount if you bundle POS and payroll). Some also use a big provider such as ADP. I have found that cost is usually pretty consistent across the board and it just comes down to customer service. QuickBooks Payroll might be the cheapest option but it will be very difficult to get ahold of someone if there are any issues (which happens quite frequently in payroll). I would recommend comparing your POS’ payroll module vs a larger provider like ADP/Paychex and seeing which you prefer on price and service.