Payroll Services

who uses them, are they worth it,

pros and cons


I have no worries. They send tax money , and direct deposit. They do all federal and state filings.

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which one do you use

We use ADP

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Adp. Run platform

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I sure surepayroll. It’s all online I enter everything myself and then print out checks for those that don’t do direct deposit. I can’t imagine doing all the tax filings myself that would be a nightmare.

I currently use quickbooks online but looking for something less time consuming

Being tech illiterate we found a small independent payroll service that trades us pizza for their services. It is a win win. Walter

We use Paychex. Web interface is very easy to use & support is fast & good.

Used to use ADP and thought their web interface was archaic and more difficult to use. Support was not very “nice” and not very helpful. Their were multiple times I entered new employees incorrectly which resulted in fling errors & penalties. Never once had such an issue with Paychex. Paychex’s setup made it less likely to make an error and they will contact me if I do. ADP’s response to penalties “after the fact” were it’s my fault and make sure I setup everything correctly.

I keep hearing about ADP.
I use a local guy he handles all my accounting tax filings payroll etc. I pay $190 a month, I dont know if thats high or low

I’m paying about $68 for bi weekly payroll for about 10 employees. They take care of all filings , cut checks , w2, everything .

I’ve heard horror stories about these small payroll companies who don’t forward the tax money and go out of business with your money.

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I use suntrust. $50 dollars a month. Very simple. They take care of everything.

I use and my costs are 1/3 ADP Not sure how much area they service but worth every penny!