Payroll software

growing real tired of intuit quick books, seems at least every 2 months they are messing up, I would call them about a problem they would do something on their end and next month I would end up getting dbl billed have to call them and they say well opps ok we will refund… COME ON

Any suggestions on another program, reasonable price especially now that Im the only one on payroll. Here in MI the state requires now we elecrontically have to file the 941 & unemployment so I need it to that as well, I was looking at EZpaychecks, just $89 yr, but do they have a live person you can talk to if you have a question or need help

I should add intuit is charging me $31.66 monthly

Haven’t tried it, but have heard nothing but good things about Zen Payroll.

We use ADP. Manager calls in the hours. Checks arrive the next day. Taxes are paid, all filings are done, W2s are issued… with about 18 employees on average it costs us about $1000 a year. Well worth it!

We use intuit quickbooks for our 2 stores and have never had problem in the 3+ yrs or so we’ve been with them. We’ve probably maxed out around 10 employees though if that makes a difference. We started with them because my mom used them for her business before that. Not that we’ve never had any issues with them overall, but payroll has always worked fine.

We were quoted 200/mo for half the amount of employees I wont use them for this reason. Way too expensive for me my cpa will do them for cheaper

Check all your CPA fees. I have never seen a CPA that will do payroll including all filings and forms and issue the checks etc etc for less. Very strange on the fees. I own two businesses that use outside payroll services. cost is about $1000-$1100 per year at my restaurant and about $600 at my retail store.

He quoted me 125 which I still think is a bit expensive I only have 8 people on payroll not really worth it for me right now.

[B]I highly recommend this company. They call you up to make sure you are having no problems. You enter the info/hours online. They handle direct deposit, checks, taxes, w2s, etc for very reasonable fees. No connections except I’m a very happy customer.

Robert Scalia, CPP[/B]
Integrated Compensation Systems, Inc.
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We use Heartland at our retail store and it costs us less than that per quarter! (same outfit that does credit card processing) It costs us very little. My wife emails them the hours. They pay by direct deposit, do all the quarterly filings, 941 and W2. Might be worth looking into.

Thanks for the info will definately look into this. Been looking to switch over to their cc processing as well heard that they are cheaper than most. Do they also take care of your workmans comp audits. That was probably the only thing that I really liked about ADP was that there was no audit to be done as long as you also get workmans comp from them they calculated per payroll period.

No, in Colorado pretty much everyone buys work comp through a statewide program called Pinacol which is a pretty good deal… but you have to do the audits yourself. I don’t find that to be much of a problem. It takes me about an hour once a year. I find it is important to have your payroll reported by job classification though so the reports make it easy. We have employees who both cook and drive and they clock in according to the job they are doing that day and are paid different rates so calling it in that way happens anyway.

Payroll is always a touchy subject with owners and sometimes staff. But take advice from bodegahwy - you get what you pay for…
I urge all employees to go on direct deposit and I am now going away from Inuit and have found one I can offer all my clients.
Basic price for a pizza shop that pays weekly with up to 20 employees would be $30.00 each pay period. All Taxes filed and paid etc.
Each state has their own quirks - and in Colorado you still have the State Unemployment report that is paid separately by check etc.

Need payroll help I would be happy to help…