PCI Compliance fee

have any of you been charged this fee by your c/c processor if so how much mine just charged me $185 saying that is what visa & m/c charges

am i getting ripped off

They are probably just passing along the cost of compliance to you.

Since I process through my POS, I have to add some firewall thing that creates a private network that will allow my POS support to continue to remotely access my computers. On top of that, I have to add approved Anti-virus software to each of my stations since they can conceivable access the internet.

Approved Firewall: $800 - $1,100 per store.
Approved Anti-virus software: $15.00 per terminal per year.
The ability to process credit cards for the privilege of forking over 3.5% of sales: PRICELESS!

my pos co send me out a new router that needs to get configured next week for about $600