PCI Compliance

Who has gotten themselves all PCI compliant?

Not just making sure their processor is compliant, but making sure your internet devices, network, POS software, and all that good stuff is compliant and completed the required paperwork, done the scans by an approved vendor and submitted it all to their processor?

All I do is process credit cards over the internet via my POS and now I have to jump through all these hoops? Seems like a total joke to me, by the looks of the paperwork it is impossible to be compliant.

i filled out an online form that was pages and pages long & i don’t even know what 1/2 of the stuff meant.

I believe all they are doing is covering their butts and shifting the blame to us.

I set up 1 store PCI last year. A total pain in the a$$. I’ve been avoiding the other 2 stores but I am up against the clock now. I’m going to do the last 2 next week.

Did you do everything yourself or did you have someone assist you? And how about the scans, who did you use for those?