Hi TT Forum,

I am new to the forum and to the Pizza business…I started in this business Jan 09…I have made a lot of mistakes…but for the purpose of keeping my sanity we will call them learning experiences. I will not bore all of you with the sad details. I am in need of a copy of “PDQ POS” user manual.version 7.22 release 07. If anyone on this forum has a copy they are willing to part with, I will pay you for a copy…I appreciate all input and comments.

Nonna :slight_smile:

Hi Nonna
I just purchased a PDQ system in Dec. asked my salesman for a copy of the users manual and he sent it out to me. I’m not sure what version the manual is. I can take a look when I get to work tomorrrow. Did you purchase from PDQ can’t they send you one?

Hi dipaulos pizza,

Thanks for the reply…I purchased the pos as part of a complete “pizza” equipment package from an individual. I believe the pos is version 7.22 release 07…

Nonna :cry: