Peanut butter? Anyone?

Anyone use peanut butter for some sort of pizza? I am jonesing to make something with peanut butter for some serious peanut freeks we have here. I am working on a peanut butter refrigerator pie, so that’s okay. I need something pizza, though.

Do I just freeze some PB balls and seal into some zeppole, and deep fry? There must be more to do. I have thought of a breaded and fried peanut butter ravioli that could be a dessert item . . . sauce with a raspberry coulis.


I’ve no experience in this but sure would be interested in whats suggested though as I luuuuve PB!

Maybe we should ask that guy who was on here a little while ago who was asking if it was ok to use meat in a vegi sauce. Maybe he had something wih PB in for people with nut allergies… me bad!

Wiz :twisted:

make a peanut satay sauce & chicken - we use a Roland product 4 our wings

Thai Chicken Pizza-

Peanut butter/soy sauce/ginger base topped w/ chicken, julienne carrots, green onions, and drizzled w/ sweet chili sauce. Depending on your oven heat/bake time you can dollop PB and allow it to melt instead of making the sauce and just garnish w/ the other ingredients. Very Good.

On a pre baked crust you can top w/ PB and Nutella mixture and garnish w/ hazelnuts. Or use that as a sauce to top your zepole.

There has to be something you could do with an Elvis pizza.

melt/warm up a few ounces of peanut butter (makes it easier to spread)
take half the normal amount of red sauce and put on pizza skin as normal
take heated peanut butter and spread on top of pizza sauce
add normal amount of cheese
add pepperoni
add jalapenos
add pineapple

makes a great pie !
good luck

Don’t know if you do cannoli’s, but our cannoli of the month is peanut butter cup. the filing is the standard ricotta, sugar, vanilla recipe, plus peanut butter mixed in. Then we squeeze it into a chocolate dipped cannoli shell, and dip both ends in a cup of mini choc chips.

Wow, that’s just about one of the strangest pizza recipes I’ve ever seen. May have to give it a try… :lol: