pen suppliers

ive been thinking about some marketing stuff and pens came to mind. anyone have custom logo pens, and if so, do your customers appreciate them? id like a relatively good quality pen that writes nice and people will keep. anybody have a good supplier? prices?

there is a ups store down the street that i use and they have nice bic logo click pens (and i take a few each time im in there :wink: ) that i like, but am pretty sure they are pricey.


For years the best selling pen I have sold is the Bic Clic Stic retractable …Ask around for a Kaeser & Blair dealer in your neighbourhood…They have the best prices on Bic pens (My C$ prices do you no good)…Another good quality pen that is gaining in popularity is the Paper Mate Sport Retractable…If you can not find a K&B dealer in the neighbourhood, please let me know and I will refer you to one I know…And as far as cost…You may be able to buy a less expensive pens, however, if it does not last as long it may not work out to have a lower cost per impression…And cost per impression is the true measure of an advertising investment…

I have been using these and really like the way they write and the price is great. … n=00002222

I have used perfect pen. Price was reasonable. I gave the bank a whole bunch and they used them at their counter for their customers they said a lot of people thought it was nice of me to supply them with pens!

The link in my previous post is the US branch of perfect pen. I am very happy with their products. I give the pens to the schools as well. One for each student and teacher.

That would explain why the website looked so close to perfect pen lol I figured it must be related somehow

one more thing, how many pens do you think you go through in a year?

I have clients that buy between 300 and 10,000 a year…Some clients give them away with every order and others hoard them…

I go thruogh about 5000 a year. Pens are a cheap way to have your name and number at people finger tips(pun intended).

I agree with Royster that the Bic Clic Stic is the cheapest (yet not total junk) pen that’s out there. There are a few pens that are cheaper, but usually the ink runs out pretty fast. If anyone wants a quote on pens, PM me. Another option - highlighters. I had a lot of requests for those last year…

I just received my 1st order of pens from these guys and they’ve passed the test. I’ll be ordering a big batch next time.

We have been buying from

I paid 28 cents a piece for 3000 Bic Clic Stic pens back in April.

What are the rest of you paying and what pen do you use?