Penguins' Scoring Outburst Costs Pizzeria Big Bucks

If he watched the team closely enough, he probably shouldnt have bet against 7 goals - they got hot at the end of the season and were destined for some big scoring in the playoffs. Then again, maybe he was pulling for 7 goals, as this will hopefully cause a good amount of customers to associate his pizza place with the penguins - keep the pens fans coming (maybe a few others who heard from hockey fans). Not to mention, he got some good advertising from the article.

I’m at the end of something similar. I’m running a special to raise money for the cancer society “Relay for Life”. I’m selling my large pizzas for 6.99 with all profits going to the cause (Toppings are mine), I thought it was a safe promo since my pizza is only 10% of my sales. Well… I’ve been selling out of dough just about every night. The good thing is I’m exposing my new menu and new restaurant to everyone, and I mean everyone in my town now. My sales on the entire menu and for the month are up 25%. Also I farmed another 300+ emails for my VIP email marketing system. It pays to give a lot sometimes, it will come back to you. :wink: