Penny saver

Just wondering if anybody has ever advertised with the penny saver. They seem to have really good prices. Didn’t want to commit to anything until i heard others success stories.

where r u from?

I did it for almost a year. It works in beganing but lose its steam after. Please dont sign any contract with them. Go once a month or so and ask for front cover.
Please let me know if you have any more questions.

Our chain has used them for years. We stopped using them at our stores as the ads were not really brining in any new business. I’d say at least 95% of the coupons were redeemed were just from existing customers who knew we advertised there. That’s what your POS database is for.

I don’t know what your advertising budget is, but when we were part of another restaurant group, we had success with their full color inserts.

If you have never tried the Pennysaver I would suggest you try it. Its very inexpensive so the risk is nominal. I would not go less than a full page as I think anything less is easy to overlook.

pennysaver was as close to worthless as you can get for me (LA Area CA). In my (4 zone) area no pizza shops at all advertise with them anymore

I am in the fresno area