People aren't stupid, but they make wonder!

I still new to this business, but I am still amazed at what comes out of peoples mouths. It really shows when designing marketing material you have to really spell things out and highlight very clearly.

I know there is an old joke about this, but it’s happened to me twice this week. Our medium and large pizzas are divided both sliced into 8. I have had to explain two times now, that the large pizza has bigger slices.

It seems everytime I come to a point of menu design, I have got so much dumbing down to be put in.

Start cutting your large into 10 (or 12) slices. Run a “Now with 2 (4) more slices… for the same price!” marketing campaign.

“We’ve packed more slices into our large pizza!”

“No need to cut your budget, because we’ve added another cut to our pies!”

“If you thought our 8-slice large was a lot of food, take the 10-slice challenge!”

Best part, the people that “get it” will just laugh while the rest will appreciate the added value your product now delivers.

Brad, you’re a genius. New menu being designed and that’s just the ticket.


Brad I can see the Dom and PH ads now… “Try our large…it has 152 slices!” :roll:

We’ve been upselling extra slices for years.

“How many slices come in a large?”

“10, but for only $1 more, we can make it 12. Two more slices for only $1!”

I wouldn’t be too sure about the ignorance of people who can’t do even basic math.
When people can’t figure basic percentages on their credit card and what it’s costing them per month. When people think that person who pays, say 10% on a million dollar income is paying the same as a person who pays 10% on a $25,000 dollar income because the rate is the same, then stupidity is what happens. However; if you want the business, than you put up with it.

Reading this reminds me of what Yogi Berra replied when the waitress asked if he wanted his pizza cut into 6 or 8 slices. He replied make it 6, I’m not very hungry today.


A local restaurant celebrates Dyngus Day every year and hard-boiled eggs are one of the foods they add for the event. They sell them $.25/each or 3 for $1.00. When I asked the waitress if anyone ordered them 3 for a dollar she rolled her eyes and replied, “just about everybody.”

Hey Pat, I think Yogi also said that nobody goes to that restaurant anymore, cause the lines are too long.

Yesterday, I had someone ask me “Your 8-cut, now that’s 8 slices, right?” only to be followed up by someone calling a few hours later to ask if we make our own lettuce, I kid you not, and they were being 100% serious. I have to think that these people must be trying to buy time on the phone while they decide what they want to order and use these oddball questions as conversation fillers. Who knows…

The “make your own lettuce” probably meant CHOP your own lettuce, some people use pre-chopped, pre-mixed lettuce.

I gathered that’s what they meant but a simple, “do you use bagged lettuce?” would have worked. Seems strange, but you’ll have that from time to time I suppose.