Pepperoni Brands

We’re mostly a FSA customer, but we do get some Sysco products, however we typically use FSA branded pepperoni (Della Vita). Lately I am beginning to think Della Vita fired it’s QA manager and have let things fly to the wind. For example, their 6 slice/oz pepperoni varies between 11 slices and 5 slices per oz. Sometimes the slices are 2-3/4" diameter and sometimes 1-3/4". Also been getting lots of odd ends and misc pieces.

If that weren’t bad enough, the price has been skyrocketing ($42.56/10lb). I don’t mind paying a premium price for good pepperoni, but it better be good and the whole box useable.

Can anyone recommend a better brand/type available through FSA or Sysco?

I wish I have a local place that made it, but being in a small town in the mountains, it isn’t going to happen.

Thanks :slight_smile:

We used to use della vita we were paying 26 bucks a box for 10lbs (from fsa)

now we use hormel. Its about 40 dollars for 15lbs. I cant tell the difference

We had tried Hormel once and noticed two differences… 1) it seemed very orange (like a pumpkin) and not red like most other pepperoni and 2) it produce a lot more oil on a cooked pizza than other pepperonis. I assume because the fat content was much higher.

We’ve switched to Sysco’s house brand over a year ago and have remained very happy with the switch. We’re currently paying in the $27/10lb range…I’d have to get a actual price and SKU when I get back into the Pub later but it has a nice flavor, good cook, and has never given off grease puddles.

We use Rosa Grande. It’s owned by Hormel so should be readily available. Because it is case-on, smaller diameter, and more coarsely ground, it is a market differentiator for us.

It’s worth a look IMO.

Ezzo pepperoni is the best tasting product you can buy. Hormel is gross. You can tell when people use Hormel and low quality cheese. The pizza is always sloppy and tastes live nail polish.