pepperoni price

I pay $2.28 per pound for 14-16 slices per oz. for pepperoni…
Is that a popular price ? never looked at it or compared so do not know a fair price,
Otis :oops:

Hormel 14 $58.95/2.36lb. for some time now.

I was around $2.20 for Hormel, but now pay a little more for a different brand I liked better.

what brand is it that you like better ?

Yup. We hover around 2.31 for 14/16 Hormel sliced.

Anyone tried slicing their own with a hand slicer? I tried it with my Nemco and made shredded pepperoni. I am sure an electric meat slicer would glide through . . . but that is not an option for me. I am asking about hand slicers.

Trouble with slicing pepperoni (I slice LOTS of other toppings) is that the variance in thickness you will get is going to eat up any savings in cost.
You won’t consistently get 14-16. Someone will slice it at 10. Then you’ll have inconsistent pepperoni thickness on your pizza, AND high food cost.

I started with Hormel, saw a sudden change in the product (it came in ORANGE and WAXY), and complained. At least the responded - had a rep come in and check it out even. The guy completely agreed it was weird and different, then after showing it to people at his office, backpedaled and claimed it was “normal batch to batch variation”. But I hated it.

So I now use Swiss American ( If your vendor carries their stuff.
The pepperoni I use is similar to Hormel - regular diameter, 14-16 slice, but has a little more kick to the flavor. And WHAM, a great fresh smell when you open the box that the Hormel just didn’t have.

I called the company and going to try some of their pepperoni.
BTW, what do you pay for it ?
So I now use Swiss American (