Pepperoni Problems!

Does anyone have a brand that they are in love with doesn’t matter if they are big or small. I’ve been using just a simple hormel brand and I want to step up our people game for our customers. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!

We like Ezzo Pepepperoni

I really like the Pocino brand

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2nd Ezzo , its just awesome.

Thanks I’ll check them out for sure!

Rosa Grande Extreme Bold $95/25#
Hormel makes it but its a cup&char type

Pocino for 32 years now!

Ezzo. Made in Columbus, Ohio. We use the sausage for pizza that is pepperoni, just a different moisture content that makes it “sausage”. I text / talk to one of the owners, he is a great, down to earth guy. Has helped us out quite a few times when our supplier wasn’t going to have product in time. They have about 8-12 sku’s (pepperoni & salami I believe).

I like this one alot
SwsAm 52357 Pepproni Sliced 10#

The performance pepperoni- Hormel. its the best. I would not call it simple.

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I use Hormel Bold pepperoni as my everyday pepperoni we use 50lbs a week so I know people love it. It sucks if I have to use a different pepperoni bc I ran out. A pepperoni I would never use are the Mama Isabella pepperoni from restaurant depot they suck

Mama Isabella taste like dog food. I dont see how people get away with it. I like the bold, but I dont use it because a customer told me her kids noticed the spiciness, and didnt want it anymore. I use the one through US foods that says the “performance pepperoni” on it.