Pepperoni Roll - Fundraiser (Tom Lehman)

Interested in pepperoni roll dough(more bread than pizza dough) I want to be able to make the pep roll, freeze, and then be baked in a home oven. Tried with our pizza dough and it was to thin and didn’t produce the results I was looking for. Tom Lehman any Ideas? I’d like to be able to make a 25lb or 50lb batch. The roll would be approx. 15 inches long and a 3 inch diameter I’m thinking an 11oz dough ball. stuffed with 60z cheese and 5oz pepperoni. These weights are based off a roll my son brought home from a fundraiser that I dissected before putting back together and baking.


Here is a dough formula that should work well for this application:
Flour (your regular pizza flour) 100% 25-pounds
Salt: 1.5% 0.375-pounds
Sugar: 2.5% 0.625-pounds
Shortening/Oil: 3% 0.75-pounds
IDY: 0.75% 0.188-pounds/3-ounces
Water: (70F) 60% 15-pounds

Put water in mixing bowl, add salt and sugar then add flour followed by the IDY. Mix at low speed just until the flour is hydrated, then add the oil and mix for 1 additional minute at low speed. Finish by mixing at 2nd/medium speed for 10-minutes. Check the dough temperature, you are targeting 80 to 85F. Take dough to bench and scale into 11-ounce pieces, ball and place in dough boxes. Wipe the top of the dough balls with oil and cross stack in the cooler for 2-hours, then cover/nest the boxes for 24 to 48-hours of cold fermentation. To use the dough, remove a box of dough balls from the cooler, leaving it covered, and allow the dough to temper AT room temperature until the dough reaches 50 to 55F. Sheet or pin the dough out to form a rectangle 1/8 to not more than 3/16-inch thick. Lightly brush only the edges of the dough piece with water, add pepperoni and cheese, making sure to leave one of the long edges free of filling for about 1/2 to 3/4-inch. Roll the dough towards the wet edge free of filling. Seal the dough along the wet edge by pinching with your fingers or heel of the hand against the bench top. Straighten the dough piece to form a uniformly shaped piece of uniform length. Brush lightly with olive oil, and place on a screen or tray for freezing. After the dough pieces have been completely frozen (several hours) package as desired and immediately place back into the freezer for 24-hours after which time they can be bulk packaged to conserve space in the freezer. Make sure to provide instructions for storage (keep frozen), slacking out, proofing, baking and serving.
Since we are talking about static freezing the dough the total frozen shelf life should be limited to no more than 15-days maximum if consistent results are to be expected. Remember, you can only sell these from your store, not door to door or outside of your store, unless you want to subscribe to USDA inspection and all of the other stuff that goes along with that.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Pepperoni rolls fall under USDA inspections. The only way around them is to have people sell a coupon for them and their customers would have to come to you to pick them up. I have experience in doing fundraisers that require USDA inspections. Let me know if you want any advice.

Thanks Tom! I’ll try it this week