Pepperoni spoiling?

i had some hormel 16 slice pepperoni this summer that turned pink in the middle and lost it’s flavor, then some faded to gray. the smell was off too and i tossed it. got a case of the same brand in this week with a smell that was not pleasant, centers pink. exchanged that for another case, they sent the same same packing date (duh…) and it is the same. i have never seen pepperoni spoil before, they should make shoes out of it. has anyone had this happen? what is going on? i have used hormel pepperoni for well over 25 years with no problem. hormel won’t talk to me, “talk to distributor”, distributor knows nothing. bought lugeria locally. j

I went through this for 3 weeks a few years back. It was that experience that got me using a local butcher/sausage maker for all my meats. I order 2 days ahead and he makes it right then. I will never go back to manufactured meats.

you had hormel pepperoni lose color and flavor? j

It seems the packaging had very small holes that let the gas escape. There were several different cuts of meat the suffered from the same problem. Ham that turned green, salami that went gray, not a pretty sight of smell for that matter.