Pepperoni topping

When making a Supreme, All Meat, or Veggie Pie, where is the best place to put the pepperoni? Is it on the top? Or do you put it o the bottom so the other toppings can cook?

Whenever Pepperoni is ordered, it is always the first topping to be placed on the pizza.

We put on bottom because of flatness and better flavor melding with the sauce and cheese. We do not put it on Veggie Pies, though :slight_smile:

Yup all flats first…Pepperoni, ham, mushroom etc

There was a time a while back when we did sauce, toppings, cheese and then pepperoni on our deluxe pizzas when on a pan crust. I never understood why.

Now a deluxe pan is made like all other pizzas.

Flat meats go first for me (Pepperoni, Canadian Bacon, Salami). Then I move to other meats (sausage, chicken, etc.). Then veggies.

I wasn’t aware that Pepperoni went into a veggie pie, that must be a shock for the vegetarians in your neck of the woods…LOL

We always put the flat meats, then the veggies, and then sausage on top if the pie has it.

when serving a supreme pizza ,we put pepperoni on the top and cover it with cheese .
more flavor from melting pepperoni

because of my oven particulars…I but all veggies on the sauce, then 1/2 the cheese, the pep & any other meats, then the rest of the cheese…

You’ve never had Tofu pepperoni? You should switch to it and watch your pepperoni sales SOAR (to the competition) :).

I usually put the pepperoni on top, I like to get the kind that will crisp and curl a bit, harder to do in my Q-Matic conveyor oven.
Another variable that I like to remember, when someone has a favorite item, like mushrooms, I will put them on the top to see easy instead of buried and the customer have to wonder if they are there.