does any one make there own pepporoni? its cost like $3.00 lb.

I wouldn’t for a production shop because of the labor and additional complexity of operations, but here’s a home recipe that sounds good.

Sam’s Club is usually around $2/lb. I buy Burke from my distributor for $2.80/lb. A pretty big difference, but worth it to me.

Im paying 2.37 a pound from GFS.

2.89/lb for Margherita Fine Sticks. We slice our own. Best you can buy ( in my opinion of course ). Not many places use this brand. Only available in certain areas of the country I believe. Makes a big difference on the pie. Lots of flavor.

Any thoughts on Hormel pep ?

I have my local butcher shop make my pepperoni. I started doing this when I read the lable on the “Best” my food supplier had to offer. The contents scared me: beef and/or pork and/or mutten and/or chicken and/or trukey may contain byproducts. Not for my store Because Taste Matters

Oh, you were buying their “premium” pepperoni…lol…

Be careful because the type Hormel you buy in the store is different than the one sold wholesale. The store version is dry-packed (not refrigerated) and the wholesale version is wet-packed. I think there is a very noticeable difference. They also sell something called Grande - a premium pepperoni - that is excellent.

I’m currently trying out Volpi (Saint Louis) and Ezzo (somewhere in Ohio). I was not impressed with the Volpi. The Ezzo is very good, but I don’t know if I can justify the cost v. Hormel.

We have Margherita Sandwich sticks in the grocery stores here in Kansas City but I’ve never thought to use it on my Pizzas…

We use the Ezzo and love the way it cooks up. Not too greasy…It is a little pricey though.