I am having some issues with my pepperoni…anytime i have an order with pepperoni, my pizza is dripping in grease…i currently use Hormel 16ct pepperoni…Is there any pepperoni out there that might me allittle less greasy?
any suggestions…

Liguria makes a good peperoni… All depends on what you want to spend though. In my opinion pepperoni is something you should not try and pinch pennies over. Find a good one and pay what you have to pay. Talk to your vendors, im sure if you tell them your looking to replace your current one you can squeeze a few samples out of them. There are a plenty of options out there.

I use Liguria as well and love it! Grease is never an issue.

The bigger question here is who makes it…? Not to bash the mfg. but to answer a simple question:
Is it a private labled product from Roma or Sysco or the like? If so you need to understand that the manufacturer can vary from month to month or year to year and THIS could be the bigger issue here.

I use the EZZO branded product which has little to no grease at all…BUT here is a point of education…Some pepperoni manufacturers spray smoke “flavoring” onto the pepperoni pieces while in production = GREASIER. The brand we buy uses a natural smoking process which = less grease.

Now, I do use Liguria here in my West Coast store only since EZZO is not available beyond the Northeast where my other two stores are located. I will say this, Liguria IS much greasier/more oily than the EZZO product. Also realize that Liguria is one of the largest private lable pepperoni companies in the U.S. and if you are using let’s say the ACME Pepperoni Brand, it may just as well be mfg’d by Liguria.

All in all, if you have more info for us such as the mfg., or the source, people may be able to answer your question better.

Don’t know much about Ezzo’s distribution but it IS available at least in the Midwest where we’re located. I loved it’s flavor profile, the way it cooked and handled…but the cost was well out of line for what we could find in a comparable pepperoni. After much trial and sampling, we settled on using a product through Fontannini which I believe is actually supplied to them by Liguria. Taste was very close to the Ezzo product, but the price is better than half as much which is one compromise I can live with.

cost is great…but quality and taste are much more important to us. If I make .50 less a pie but sell 1 pie more just because of a higher cost product…then sobeit.

Again, I use BOTH products ONLY because I could not get the Ezzo in SoCal. There is a huge difference between each companies small diameter cup and crisp. In this case price did matter and it all depends upon what your customers will pay and the flavor profile you are going for. Me…waaaaayyyyy before I was a pizzeria owner, my favorite pizzeria growing up used this style of product and I wanted the same for my stores.

We all have our own reasons for what we use and no one is right or wrong…just different.

i am using liguria now after years of hormel. i think the liguria is greasy in comparison. it is thicker so maybe that’s it but i will stick with hormel next order. “dripping” with grease is more than just the pepperoni imo unless it isn’t way out to the edge and getting pushed to the middle… j

I think a lot of it depends on your type of oven, temp, etc. In my ovens, Liguria is not greasy at all. There are times when I have run out and had to buy Hormel and Sugardale. They are both very greasy on my pizzas.

@mandy, absolutely in agreement. For myself selecting an ingredient is never a matter fully based on price alone I simply wanted to include that in my reasoning. In this particular case however I simply could not justify the purchase of the Ezzo product as it was over twice the cost of the product we ended up selecting. I have not experienced the issue with “greasing” as others are indicating, again, it may be the particular time and temp we use for our XLT, I can not say. But in the end we ended up with a pepperoni that bore very nearly all the taste, size, color, texture, and cooking characteristics we were looking for…with the additional bonus of a much much better price.