Where can I buy Ezzo Pepperoni here in the SF bay area? I do not use a distributor. Thanks for any suggestions.

Here is the answer to your question:

I am not familiar with a couple of the names in your region. But maybe they are places you can work with?

Distributors are convenient for those who need a lot of supplies I dont. I am a small mobile kitchen, I don’t have a walk in fridge, or a large warehouse to store my supplies. I buy from RD and costco business as needed. So to tell me that’s how this industry works is not a truism. At least in my world. If I had a brick and mortor, I would be inclined to agree with your flippant remark, but there is a whole entire other world in the food industry that is just as profitable, if not more, called food trucks that can’t or don’t use distributors. In fact I used a distributor when I first started and it was a waste of money. They were really expensive. And they screwed up orders and delivery times. That is another factor, I am not always at my truck like a normal restaurant, and waiting for a delivery in a 4 hour window is not cost effective for me.

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I use Concord whom is located in your town btw. Better prices on most everything except cheeses, which I get from US Foods. I had Sysco but Concord beat their prices on the same products. Give them a call and ask for Blaine in the sales dept. I know you’re a food truck so you can still use a distributor but just pickup the items at their warehouse. Sysco is in Fremont and US Foods is in Livermore.

Sorry you read it that way. RD is a distributor too. They just don’t deliver. And, as the post under yours points out you can pick up from the other warehouses. Maybe one of the other places on the link I posted works for you.

My experience with Costco has been that they are not consistent with what they stock which is challenging… but at least you can go there when it suits you which would be convenient if they were closer to me. Their prices are pretty much in line with our delivered cost from US Food and Sysco though.

Best of luck with your enterprise.

Man, you love being right all the time, don’t you? I bet you’re a blast at parties…

As a matter of fact, he is!

Haha. Thanks Daddio.

I guess I can see my first comment as flippant… although I did not intend it that way I could have written a longer sentence. (I went back just now to edit in the interests of peace in the playpen) Bottom line may be semantics; what one person means by a “distributor” vs another person? Maybe a distinction could be drawn between “vendor” as used in the link I provided that showed where the company’s product are available by region and “distributor”? I Certainly did not mean to enter a debate about the merits of different business models or product sources or imply anything about them!

Sorry to Slice. I can see what you are reacting to and that was not my intent.

Have a nice day noreason.

I have a customer that owns a deli in the next town that I purchase a couple items every week on their behalf b/c of minimum constraints…maybe this can work for you?

If you can handle his “matter of fact” way, Steve is a tremendous resource…Sometimes you have to take the “chaff with wheat” to get all the good that comes from him and others that sometimes come across in a “tone” that may rub some the wrong way…

Thanks for the kind words Royce. I’ll work on longer sentences with more doubt incorporated…