How much are you paying for sliced pepperoni? I pay $51.50 for a 25lb case. Is this the norm?

thats about avg


We purchase through Sysco $52.22 for 16ct 25# Hormel sliced pepperoni. You can usually save a few bucks if needed and drop to an imperfect cut.

We pay $55.35 for 25lbs. But it’s the best pepperoni I’ve ever had. Cut to 35mm so they curl up into little bowls of grease on each pie. Mmmmmm ! Mmmmmm !

wow, I pay 1.55 per pound, you are paying 2.05 per pound.

wow, I pay 1.55 per pound, you are paying 2.05 per pound.[/quote
Where in the midwest are you? I am in Wisconsin and use Roma for everything. I don’t know if they are treating me good or not.

St. Louis area. Check into other purveyors, mclane is good, US food service is good. Gordon food service is okay. Sisko is alright but high.

The price of pepperoni will all depend on the quality of your product. If you are using Doskicil your probably paying $1.50 to $2.00 a pound, if your using Hormel you’ll probably pay $2.00 to $2.50 a pound, and if your using Mistretta’s or Michelina’s you will probably pay $3.50 to $4.00 a pound. I use a hormel product that is a spicy pepperoni 16/1 its 25# for $56.50, I like it cause it compliment all the other spicy ingredients I offer.

But honeslty we could all pay the rock bottom price if we created an affiliation. I found that when I moved from a single store company to a multi-store company, I was able to shrink the margin a little more each time I opened a new store. I often wondered what would happen if we could create a regional, or a nationwide affiliation of independent operators, kinda like Triple A, and we could use our numbers to influence the wholesale market, to give us pricing that is comparable to the majors. I bet we could increase our bottomline by another 4 to 6%. Which would allow us if we want to take on a major competitor without loosing.

A brilliant concept.
We all need the independence to select different pepperoni, boxes, sauce, etc. But STILL, a group-buying alliance would unquestionably be of benefit - and could give independents the bargaining strength to level the playing field a bit.

Just look at the posts in the “Pepsi” thread. If say 100 of us were negotiating for a price on 2-liters with Coke and Pepsi, maybe we’d get closer the the cost the big chains pay? Ya think?

Anyone have time, energy, and/or experience with a buying group?

I beleive there is a VERY powerful “greek diner” group buying association that we might want to find out about as a possible model…