I had a customer e-mail me to say that my pepperoni has no flavor. I use Sugardale pepperoni. It’s the first time anyone has complained about the pepperoni in 6 months. What type/brand of pepperoni do you use?

We use Hormel 16 count pepperoni. Switched to this over the house brand. No meat markets near me, so I’m caught using only “foodservice” brands.

why consider switching after 1 complaint…how many satisfied customers do you have? Do you like the product? Ya can’t please 'em all

I use primo gusto 10 oz but thinking of switching love the flavor but 65.65 for 25#? Isn’t the pricing out of line. They keep upping it on me.

I believe thats for 20#, not 25#

nope-box and bill say 25# anyway.

Ezzo! I love just can’t get it…

Patriot’s got it right.
There are so many different flavor profiles with pepperoni that you probably have a customer there who is used to a very highly flavored pepperoni and that is what they judge all others by. Or, maybe they’re just looking for a free pizza??? In any case, don’t sweat it if your other customers aren’t complaining.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor