Peppers on a pizza

Son made a cheese pizza with double peppers. Customer called and said it was all soggy. Said we cut our peppers wrong. Omg. If it was soggy is there a way to prevent this from happening again?

Could be a few different things. Was it a traditional crust or thin? Thin would have less dough to absorb moisture and be soggier, considering all other things equal.
Was there too much sauce? Extra sauce plus a few veggies can make it soggy very easily.
I understand it was extra peppers, but was it too many peppers? Veggies create a ton of moisture. My favorite is when customers ask for a veggie specially pizza on a thin crust with extra sauce and still expect it to be crispy, it won’t be.
Some ways to fix it? Breadcrumbs after your cheese but before any toppings. You could also lower your baking temperature and cook longer. There was a recent post about this to some degree. I’ve seen others say they cut the days veggies and run them through the oven to dry them out some. Hope this helps

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How about either buying roasted peppers (much of the natural moisture has been cooked out of them) or sauteing them before topping the pie.

we put peppers,mushrooms, onions (caramelized) in oven before they go as a topping.

two words…PANKO BREADCRUMBS. they suck up moisture and do not add anything taste or texture wise. just a sprinkling on the layer with the veggies does the trick. I didn’t believe it at first until I tried it.

Your the second to mention Breadcrumbs. And your saying it does not change or add to the taste

Thanks Everyone

it’s amazing how it isn’t noticeable. try it!

Yes put the breadcrumbs down on top of the cheese then the veggies on top of that. I just roast my green peppers for 90 seconds in the oven during prep and place on the make line but breadcrumbs is easy too.