Pepsi and Coke Fountain Dispensers

I’ve been getting the run around from Coke about not having enough volume to bring in a fountain dispenser, they came back with a lease price of $99 per month for 3 years. I figure i can buy a nice used one alot cheaper. Pepsi had another excuse why they couldn’t do it. The drain was farther away then 6 feet from the machine. The Pepsi rep said it was a health department issue, but the healt department had no issue with it.

So, does anyone have or know of any place besides ebay to get a 6 heard or larger with all the pupms and attachments? There’s a couple on Ebay I’m watching, but i like to have choices.

Thanks for your time.


Coke tried to charge me the same thing per month when we remodeled to the new place to “establish our volume” and then adjust accordingly. When I got the first bill I called the coke rep and informed her that I should not pay for a machine that sells their product or I will switch to pepsi. I have never gotten a bill since

fireside where are you located we are going through the exact same thing…
I am going to buy my machine off ebay but if you want choices call your local used restauarnt store and tell them you have one that needs service and ask for a reference for a tech…they usually have a line on good equipent CHEAP…if you tell the local store what you actually want he will want to make the call and tax you a finders fee…

Hey Red,

We’re on the west side of Michigan. I think that Pepsi and Coke have just gotten so big they don’t care about the little guy unless you’re projecting a million dollar store or have multiple locations.

Hopefully, other parts of the country are better.


I know the troubles you are having with coke and pepsi i have been there. They don’t make any money off of us independants and thats why they push the 20 0z bottles and 1 liter bottles. Thats the only way for them to squeeze. I would suggest calling another company for cola products. Seabreaze and rc cola to name a few. The smaller guys would be happy to make a buck off of you

Wow, here in my part of California, I have no problem with my Pepsi distributor.

My sales rep told me that I could get a lightly used 6 spout, but the installer had no problem installing a brand new 8 spout at no charge. They even provided the adapter between their machine and my Hoshizaki icemaker that sits on top (which was a couple hundred bucks according to my icemaker guy).

(My) Pepsi has never squabbled about monthly fees or minimum orders. Nor have they pushed buying bottles. Pepsi calls me once a week and takes an order. If I have enough, they say “ok, we’ll talk to you next week.”

I guess it all depends on the regional distributer and how they want to service their customers. I never felt lucky about it until now.

I bought a fountain machine here,


Thanks Otis,

I was going to buy one from the soda depot, but I found a decent one here in Grand Rapids for only $550. I bought it off ebay, no shipping fees that way.

we stuck with the 20 oz bottles and free cooler BUT our regular supplier will sell em cheaper and we get the 2 lt bottles from a dollars store for 1.09 a bottle coke wants 1.60 a bottle - screw em