Pepsi Price Increase

Has anyone received a letter about Pepsi increasing their prices? We just switched back in June and received a letter (dated in October) that as of December 26, there will be price increases to their portfolio.

We signed a 5 year exclusive contract and spent a lot of time negotiating our best price, just for them to turn around 4 months later and raise prices, while in a contract? Bullshit

yep expect one every year

Ours is set to rise no more than 4% a year.

This seems like an extra price increase.

Happens every year with them.

They are terrible. There’s no such thing as a contract with them. The only thing guaranteed is that your prices will go up every year. I got into a fight with them because we started buying from sam’s, grocery stores, etc. They were constantly out of their own product and I can get it cheaper everywhere else.

Call your contract rep. They send us those letters as well. We just call the rep we signed our contract too and he adjust that down to the terms of our contract. When we negotiated (knowing every year they go up in price) we locked in a set raise max. So if they raise the price over our contract we get it back in either a bill credit or a check.