Pepsi Prices----Lets Compare

I was hoping to compare Pepsi prices with you guys. I go thru about a 1000 cases of 20 oz. and 2 liters per year. Here are my prices. They include the deposits. I am on a yearly rebate program of $1.25 a case and per gallon.

20 oz. .75

2 liter 1.24

Pepsi 60.75 includes $7 shell deposit
Dr. 65.75 includes $7 shell deposit


What is a shell deposit?

20 0z. 17.95 or 14.80 for deals
2lt 10.25,9.25, or 6.95 for deals
bib 53.50
I aslo get a $3000.00 marketing Check each year + a rebate check.
Signed a contract with pepsi $5000.00 first year, $3000.00 for four years =$17000.00
If you do volume,beat them up.
Coke offered me $1000.00 a year , who would you go with.


If you don’t mind me asking, how much business (in terms of dollars spent each week) do you do with Pepsi that enables you to get those rebates? I’m curious because I will soon be opening my 3rd store and will be doing some pretty good volume. Right now I order through Pepsi but I do not have any contract with incentives.

What do you sell the 0.75 20oz for?

How much soda does a 5g bib produce?

Thanks :slight_smile:

About $50000-$60000 off the top of my head, I use about 10-12 bib a week in the summer, I have 2 8 head fountains. Because of my bib use, I think Pepsi was able to give me a really great contract.


What part of the country are you in. Thats sounds like a pretty good deal they made with you. I think they make alot more money on BIB than on the other stuff. I only go thru 1-2 BIB a week. That cash up front is nice though. The rebate check too. Do they give you a check for the marketing or make it up to you in product?

How about a few more responses. Even Coke pricing. I have one response so far and its from a big user which doesn’t make things real easy to compare to.

I’m in New Jersey near A/C. They give me a check around April-May, I use it to buy any new equipment I need.

cans 15 cases a week $7.65
2 liters 50 cases a week $8.25

no marketing allowance, no deposits

cans/829 per case
2 ltr/855 per case
bib 5 gal/53
bib 3 gal/31


20oz. bottle $16.60 cs(Aquafina $12.00 cs)

2 liter $9.60 cs

I’m in VA Beach, VA
20 oz Bottles: $15.50 for 24 of them
2 Liter: $9 for 8 of them
BIB, 5 Gallons: $52.5

Paul 7979,

Is that $8.25 a case an all the time price or a special? What kind of store do you have?

Also, a shell deposit is $7 for us. It is just the blue shell the BIB comes in. We are selling our 20 oz. for $1.35. I am not sure how much pop a 5 gallon BIB produces.

BIB $67.00
no deposits no contracts.

Little off the subject— does anyone know how much our Cost is for a 20oz cup filled with 1/2 ice using the $67 BIB?

Probably around .18 for product, close to .03 for a cup, around .02 for lid and less than a penny for a straw.
Figure around.02 per ounce for product-ballpark price
Try to teach your people to fill the cup up 2/3 with ice, even on refills.

So $.02 is standard, even with the price increase from $57 to $63.68 (grabbed my current invoice)?
Their syrup to water ratio and ice volume throw me off, i get aggravated if I can’t come up with an equation for it. :o

I get 9.20 a case 2liters
53.80 bib

Jim, 8.25 is our everyweek price. We are a small chain of delcos.

Just wondering…has anyone gotten their rebate check yet this year? The past couple of years we have received ours by now (usually in early March). So I was just checking with the rest of you who receive rebate checks.



[size=1]“Rebate Checks” based on the 2008 economic incentive plan passed by Congress will be mailed in May. Feds haven’t sent one out since Regan, I think.

Tax refunds are a completely different creature, and are based on when you filed your return and return processing volume at your regional IRS center.[/size]

My now tiny font response was placed simply because I am sometimes dumb as a meatball rolling uphill.

Please ignore it and pretend I was not here.