Pepsi question

I’m sure a few of you deal with Pepsi as your vendor. Can any of you tell me if they’re requiring a minimum purchase for delivery (i.e. 4 cases, etc.)? If so, are they replacing bottles that are getting close to the expiration date to ensure freshness? I’d like to get some input from you guys.



I use Pepsi and they have a 15 case min now. It use to be 10 earlier in the year.

As far as dates, all you need is to call the national number and complain that your product is going out of code. Do not allow them to tell you its up to you. I can tell you that if a Rite AID/Walgreens or Krogers etc…has product close to going out, it’s Pepsi responsibility to remove that product and give credit or exchange product.

Always go to the top.

You could even call as a consumer stating you bought outdated product from your store and this will get the attention of the local sales center manager and heads will roll. The call does not reflect on your store, it’s just a internal email nightmare from the top down for Pepsi and they will fix it–TRUST ME on this one.

My Pepsi rep requires TWENTY cases before they will deliver. Cases are defined as 8x2Litre bottles, or 24x355mL cans or 24x591mL bottles. There is a fuel charge on every order no matter how large the order.

For a savings of $4 per case on cans I can spend the hour it takes to go to Costco to pick it up. The local grocery stores often have the 2 Litre on for $0.99 and Pepsi charges me $1.79.

BUT Pepsi owns the cooler and have tried to tell me if I don’t buy ALL my product from them they will remove the cooler. I told them I would have it empty in 10 minutes and it is still here.

I had a go around with a Pepsi rep many years back when I bought a store and started buying at the local warehouse store…They threatened to remove the cooler so I asked my delivery driver to empty it immediately with the intention of putting it outside…Never saw the Pepsi guy again and the cooler was still there when I sold the store…

In another life I was a Pepsi delivery driver…A client was putting Coke and milk in one of our coolers…After a go around with them I emptied the cooler and loaded it on my truck…It was sideways in a bay with the door open and 1/2 of it hanging out…But I had another client a block away that had been asking for a new cooler and all of a sudden I had one…The shock on the disgruntled client’s face was priceless…

We never had a minimum until a few weeks ago. We now have a 10 case minimum.

Because of their new policy we’ve switched from a weekly to bi-weekly order. We check the dates on the product when it comes in, just like we would check the freshness of anything else that comes in. If the ‘sell-buy’ date is to close to our next order date we would ask for newer bottles. But that hasn’t happened yet. The delivery I got last Wednesday mostly had ‘sell-buy’ dates of Feb.18.


$1.14 for 2 liters !!!

$.625 for 20oz. !!!

I have a 6 case mini with pepsi
when a product is going out of date,i let them know at time of order and they swap it out

Do you do Bag in the Box? is that included in the minimum. or are you strictly talking bottled product?


Jrockk, I assume you use Pepsi at both stores? I would call the supervisor and chat. I would be nice. Explain you have used their product for xxxx years and you truly like it better than coke but you can’t meet the requirement every week and it is bad on pepsi to be out of pepsi.

We had a few problems years back (not with min but pricing) called and talked to the supervisor. Had a meeting. Signed a 3 year contract and also made the stipulation I could use dr pepper. In return I get 1.oo rebate on all cases and bib I use at the end of the year) They set me up wiht all kinds of cups, shirts, neons etc.

I will laugh if they try and give me a minimum. Call coke too and see what they can do.

I have never heard of such a thing.


I’ve definitely heard of it. Pepsi tried to do that to me a couple of years back. We were over their minimum about 90% of the time, but some weeks we’d just need 1 or 2 BIBs. They delivered them for a while, but then abruptly cut us off and told us the minimum would be enforced, despite the fact that we were way over the minimum for most weeks.

At the same time this happened, they also told me they would take my cooler if I continued to store beer in it. I became a Coke customer about 3 weeks later and have never looked back.

I use bib,2 ltr,cans

Our minimum is 6 and the BIB counts as one. We had some of the same issues with Pepson the cooler. In my slice location I really only have room for one small cooler and we sell a LOT of Red Bull and always had a Red Bull Cooler with bottled water added to it. Pepsi wanted in the door with thier cooler. I told them that they had to allow Red Bull in it or no deal. Eventually they agreed on the condition that I put in their energy drink beside it.

Give and take.

I had one rep tell me i could not put anything else in their cooler also.
He said they might pull it out,i told him to bring a big truck…

2 THINGS, people in my neck of the woods LOVE coke…I have had a couple people call to ask which one we carry and all of them want coke…That being said I am a great big pepsi fan…
pepsi came here last friday to our new store the minium is 8 cases (64 2 liters) which we sell on friday
price is 1.29 each
.80 for 20 oz.
I am currantly looking on ebay for a fountain as they have lots of issues when installing
would rather deal with discount store than pepsi or coke and its CHEAPER

Coke has just implemented a minimum order - to avoid a delivery charge.
It’s a case count that does include BIB, (but I get them cheaper from a food vendor), and anything else I get through them - like a CO2 tank, or a case of bottle water, etc…
I had a philosophical debate with them when I took their cooler, as their contract said I had to sell ONLY coke beverages in the whole store or I’d be subject to paying back ANY discounts I’d gotten for the previous 10 years. No exception for coffee or milk even! I kicked them out til they had a more reasonable contract. Verbally, they don’t care if I put milk or OJ in their cooler - just no Pepsi products…

I had a chat with my Pepsi rep today. Now not only do they want me to buy a minimum of 20 cases but they no longer allow their own cans to be in their cooler, only bottles. I said fine take the cooler. He backed down and said they would allow an exception.

Did he give a reason for not allow the cans?

The new standard is only bottles because they want uniformity and their studys show bottles are what the customer prefers.

bull they have a higher mark up on bottles thats why they want to push them

You got that one right on the button.

We got a letter from Pepsi the other day when our delivery was brought saying that starting in January the BIB prices will be going up (along with other items too). Anyone else get this letter?

That was all I needed to hear…more price increases by a vendor. I’m thinking I need to raise my prices soon. You can only handle the vendor increases for so long before you unfortunately have to pass it along to your customers.