Pepsi VS Coke pricing

I have been with Pepsi for the last 5 years and was considering a change! I was wondering what the prices are that some of you are paying on coke products? Currently pepsi is running approx 1.24 2 liters 7.99 cans(24 pack) bibs 65.00. this is in ohio and I know some places have different pricing but would help in the decision without haveing a rep waste my time if they are higher to begin with. thanks


Hmmmmmm, kind of like buying pizza, isn’t it? Should you buy the cheaper pizza, or the more expensive one? Hmmmmm.

I’ve had Coke since opening, and I must say, although they’re more expensive than their rival, their service easily compensates for the price difference. Having said that, its in my plan to purchase some fountain machines and then purchase coke bibs from my vendor at much lower price points. Of course, I’ll have to acquire some knowledge to service and maintain the units (what coke does so well now), but it is the better move towards profitability.

It must depend on the area. Coke is cheaper in Kansas than pepsi. There service is not as good, but you can get away with more as they leave you alone. They will both give you coolers, units etc. Play them against each other and see who will give the most.

“My name is Jeff, and I’m a Diet Pepsi addict”.

We went Pepsi products, and are extremely satisfied with their service and attention at least so far. Price was nose to nose with what Coke is offering in our area, we’re paying $61.00 a BIB for the main flavors right now.

Has anyone had any exposure to Coke’s new “micro dosing” machines? They look like the food processors out of Star Trek, and the syrup container is about the size of a hardback book. I’ve just been forced to start using BIBs, instead on the old canisters. (Yeah, dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st Century), and I DESPISE them. I can’t understand how they could make such a consumer (that’s US) unfriendly thing, especially in this age of injury lawsuits!

Thanks for the replies everyone. I will check with them in vegas I guess and see what they are for my area. Just way to many on going issues with Pepsi right now in here and the real bad thing is I live off of MT DEW@!!!

Not sure if it is just regional or not, but did the Pepsi sellers here get the letter/info on the new price increases. Yikes! I know pizza places traditionally have a little bit higher prices on pop, but to make it worth it, we are up to $2.50 out the door for a two liter.

I’m in Kansas with AJ, Coke bibs are about $54 each compared to $58 for Pepsi. I don’t buy any 2 liters from distributors, just wait for the grocery stores to do a crazy $1 sale and wipe them out…actually got about 60 2 liters from one store at $.84/ea. last summer before they told me that was enough (got kick backs on gas w/ my club card off it too).

We are on the east coast and are Pepsi salesman just informed us Monday that their prices will be going up soon,although he wasn’t exactly sure when it would start. We sometimes do what indie pizza does and wait till our local supermarket puts 2 liters on sale and go gung ho on them. Although the main office has put aq limit of 10 on them. So sometimes I have to go through 6 different lines to stock up or gather everyone’s bonus cards and use them.