$$ per SQ FT

Guys I know we have discussed this b4 but is a $1 a foot to much for rent brand new bldg includes CAM and will get about 4 mos free rent town of 18k

what do you think

Is that a month?

I pay $10/sqft a year, PLUS $250 a month for CAM & Taxes. I don’t think that is too much.

I WISH! Goodness me, if I could get 1 dollar per square foot i’d rent a football feild with the amount it pay!!

it is a $12 a foot a month so 1200sft bldg = $1200 a month rent up and coming town double pop in 3 yrs and still growing

i meant a $1 a foot

Prices run $18 to $22 per sf per year in our market.

So, the $800 a month I pay for 6000 sq feet with no CAM fee (no real CAM either) would be a rocking good deal (.13 per foot per mont)? Come March or April, it will go to $1500 a month for 5300 sqft, which is about .28 per foot per month.

Gonna be a wild ride if our marketing puch doesn’t give us a real good lift this first quarter :slight_smile:

Holy crap! You only pay $800 for 6000 sf?!

We will be paying almost $5,000 for 2400 sf!

Location, location, location. My sales haven’t topped $200K yet either :frowning: We don’t use more than about 3000 feet of what we have, but have plans for building out this spring to have another dining room for more revenues and flexibility. That will tkae a chunk of cash and put my total facility cost a good bit higher with the total of rent, 1st construction loan and 2nd construction costs.

i’m currently paying $4000 a mo. for 6000 sq. ft., none of those fee’s you guys are referring to.

I USE to pay $1000 a mo. for 1000 sq. ft., and it INCLUDED ALL UTILITIES!!! what the F was i thinking expanding AND taking on all the utilities!

I pay $4500 per month for 2053 feet including triple nets… but that is about $500 per month below market here. I don’t mind paying as occupancy expense is still less than 9% of sales which is what folks need to be looking at. (I also don’t mind since I pay the rent to myself)

If your rent including triple net expenses is less than 10% of sales conventional wisdom would say you are doing fine. If you happen to be in a place where is it less than that, good for you!