Percentage of online orders

Curious what everybody’s online ordering percentage is and if/what you are doing anything to grow it?

We’re doing low 30s and have been growing pretty steadily since we started online ordering in May 2017. I haven’t really done much to promote it other than some facebook advertising.

21-25%. Taking online orders since 2007.

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We’ve been surpassing 25% most weeks lately but I think it should be higher. Having issues with my POS making it available to all of the new construction in my delivery area.

When we have had it (don’t ask) we averaged around 25% with no real advertising behind it other then here it is. Once it gets up and running with my new POS i intend on actually advertising it and see how it goes (with labor going up every year by law).

30+% started in 2015. I use Chow Now. They only accept Cc payments.
Could everyone tell me what percent of online orders pay in cash? I kind of feel like I’m missing out on online customers BC we only accept cards for online orders

We promote on our menu and signage.

@December Cash orders for online ordering for us was about 25% at most (tho take into account we regularly have days of 95%+ CC sales).

Ever have any issues with no shows on cash online pickups?

We are high 30% for online orders. Always have a coupon in our menu or boxtoppers that is online OR app only. These are better deals than our other coupons. Have a higher ticket average for online orders. Been doing it since 2010. Cannot ever recall a no show for a cash order. Have had plenty for phone orders. Why would someone go through the hassle to sign up, place order, etc. Much easier to just call in and fake an order.

Like Durbancic said, nothing i can recall. We get the occasional phone call no show (usually it is because they called the wrong store).

Some DP stores are 80-90% OLO now.
Most 40-60% I believe.
I find it hard to believe that the cash-only crowd is a measurable %.

17% of our online orders are cash. We’ve never had a problem with no shows so the thought of doing card only for online orders never really crossed my mind. I doubt you’re losing much business, if any, by doing card only though. People are pretty much trained to pay using card when they order things online these days.

Good point.

When I used to allow cash/credit card orders from unregistered users we had only a handful pranks.

Once I changed to “registered users only “ that ended.
I wouldn’t restrict to credit card only . The cash orders I receive outweighs the % I would have to pay to the credit card companies

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Good point. A no show here or there makes up for 2-3% on all cc orders

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I’d like to offer a cash option, however Chownow is CC only

We were at 19% for the full year 2017. When the tourists are gone we are about 30%. the visitors struggle with it since they don’t know their address etc.

Still holding steady at 25-30% Unchanged for 3 years now.