Percentage of sales increase from start up to 1st year+

What do you consider to be a good increase in sales from week to week from start up?

1st year you’re going to be all over the place. You’ll have great weeks and not so great weeks. It’ll be pretty hard to find a steady level that you’ll sit at. After that, industry standard is 7% per year. -J_r0kk

Since this our first year, when are the busiest and slowest times of the year? Theyre obviously different then at the mall.

Just curious…Thanks

j_r0kk is right, you will be all over the place for a while but I think you will really start to get a good idea of where you are somewhere in the first six months if your service and product are consistient. Your busy times of year kind of depend on where you are. Here it is so hot in summer that everyone tries to just escape the heat so our summer is a bit slow, but not by much because the people that are in town don’t want to cook much at home and heat up the house they are so desperately trying to keep cool! We have about three really hot months and the rest of the year is so beautiful, I am still wearing shorts and a polo in late December!

There are so may factors that you can’t control, the really hot (90 degrees) days, the really cold (-45 degrees), the hockey playoffs, the football finals, the power off in the other half of the city (where all the other pizza joints are).

I am in a boom area so I have seen a 30% increase for this quarter over the same quarter last year. If I get so lucky to have this happen every year I will be rolling in the dough. (pun intended)