Percentage Of Sales To Donate For Fundraisers

How much do/would you donate for a fundraiser night? I can’t seem to find an actual percentage on any of the big chains websites, so I’m assuming they don’t do very much. I’ve only done one so far, and I donated 20% of sales for 4 days (customers had to have a flier for the event).

I’d like to get out and approach more local groups about this, but I don’t want to sell myself short by donating to much, nor do I want to insult them with a low number.

we always give15% pretax amount

15% is what us unethical slobs talk about when discussing the School Nights, or other fundraiser sorts of promos. Most operators I have seen producing flyers (that sent them to me) have used that 15% figure.

Hope this info is helpful: … 229AAxdxA1

Almost every national chain has a 15% revenue share deal for slow weeknights. Your supporters must follow rules for claiming revenue for your group when making payment.

Pizza Hut
Olive Garden
TG Fridays
Schlotzky’s Deli

Just call in mid-afternoon (slow time) to get particulars and schedule a fundraiser.

Pizza Fundraiser
Summary: Three types of pizza fundraisers are covered - fundraising by the slice, pizza discount cards, and pizza kits. Pizza fundraisers are an easy way to raise funds for any youth group, cheer squad, or sports team.

Pizza Fundraisers
There are three different types of pizza fundraisers:

Sales of pizza by the slice
Sales of pizza fundraising discount cards
Sales of pizza supplies - make your own kits

Each of these fundraisers varies in effort, requirements, and profitability. Let’s take a brief look at each one.

Pizza Fundraising By The Slice
This is a quick and easy profit source for just about any type of youth sports team. You purchase your pizzas at a quantity discount and have them delivered piping hot to your event.

Papa Johns and Dominos both offer the delivery service from any location. Of course, you’ll need to pay cash when the pizzas are delivered.

Sell the individual slices at close to 100% markup so that your team receives $2 for every $1 in cost.

That markup covers any unsold or damaged slices.

Tips: Don’t overbuy, reorder instead. Also, sell them fast before they cool off. Plain cheese is the most popular followed by pepperoni.

Pizza Fundraising Discount Cards
A pizza fundraiser card is a discount card with an offer tied to a single merchant, usually a national chain. It often provides a two- for-one offer on every order and is tends to be priced at $10 for a card good for a one-year period.

Offers vary with most being tied to either a single location or a small group of outlets for a national chain. Pizza Hut cards are good for eat-in dining while most others are aimed at the take-out or delivery market.

Given how popular pizza is with younger children as well as teenagers, pizza cards are excellent school fundraising ideas.

The cards for Pizza Hut and those for some of the other chains place a limit on the number of times you can use the card, often 21 times. That is a lot of free pizza for $10. Usage is tracked via holes punched in marked spots on the card.

Some of the offers also specify that your initial order must be for a large pizza while your free pizza is a medium size. When you think about it, that works well for most adults because they usually want a different set of toppings than what their children enjoy.

Profit Tip:
Pizza cards can be obtained from many suppliers. Most offer the same set of national chains and prices can vary widely, so it pays to shop around.

All in all, pizza cards are among the best easy fundraisers based on profitability and ease of sale.

Pizza Hut Fundraiser
Pizza Hut Discount Card or Pizza Night
Another popular way to raise funds is a Pizza Hut Fundraiser. There are two different types of fundraisers. One is a pizza discount card offering two-for-one deals on up to twenty pizzas.

The second fund raiser is coordinating a Pizza Night for your group at the local Pizza Hut and earning 25% of the total revenue associated with your group’s purchases.

Pizza Discount Card
The Pizza Hut discount card is a great fundraiser because not only can you sell the cards to your supporters, you can sell them to the general public as well.

Most pizza discount cards provide twenty two-for one deals and the cards are marked each time they are used. Some suppliers use a scratch off version to track usage amounts while others simply rely on an expiration date to cap usage.

Prices for the discount cards begin at $4 each and go much lower with larger orders. with a retail price of $10, that means there’s plenty of profit to be made.

Sales tips
Besides selling as many as possible to your core group of supporters, get permission from the manager of a high-traffic location such as a grocery or drug store to sell these cards out front.

Set up a sales table with a colorful poster in front explaining the 2-for-1 pizza deal plus who your group is and why you are raising funds. If possible, do the same thing with a large sign on the wall behind you. You want your signage to pre-sell the customers as they walk up, so be sure to make them easy to read from a distance.

You want to reach as many people as possible, so work the location or multiple locations, for the entire weekend. Split up in pairs and divide it up into two-hour shifts.

With a good location, you can sell as many as a thousand cards in one weekend.

Another variation on the pizza discount program is to find a supplier that offers coupon booklets instead of a single card. The customer simply tears off a coupon and submits it with their payment at the cash register or when ordering a pizza delivery.

Sales work the same way, but people seem to understand the coupon approach with fewer explanations.

Pizza Night Fundraiser
The Pizza Hut Pizza Night program works in conjunction with their marketing department and local restaurant manager. First, you select a night (Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday only) for your event a couple of weeks ahead of time.

Pizza Hut will create a batch of flyers for your group that you pick up from the local manager. Each flyer has a tear-off claim check at the bottom that is used at the time of payment to link the sale to your group’s event participation.

No claim check used, no 25% share of the revenue. Sales credits are good on dine-in orders, take out, and delivery orders.

Your group’s Pizza Night fundraiser involves distributing the flyers to your supporters, encouraging them to use them on your Pizza Night, and reminding them that they must submit the claim check at the time of payment.

Approximately ten days after your Pizza Night event, Pizza Hut will cut your group a check for your 25% share. This makes it a great way to raise funds for school clubs, church youth groups, youth sports teams, or other cause-related fundraisers.

A Pizza Hut Fundraiser, whether it’s selling the pizza discount card or coordinating a Pizza Night, is a quick and easy way to raise funds. The discount cards require cash up front, but they have the added advantage of selling well to the general public.

The Pizza Night works great for small groups who don’t have the extra funds to buy discount cards to sell because there is no upfront cost. Pick one and put pizza to work for your next fundraiser.

Alright, thanks guys.

I think a previous thread related little loyalty between a school and the owners who supported them. I would be hesitant to do a fundraiser unless it directly achieved some other business strategy. And you have to be careful that the fundraiser does not cannibalize existing business.

We did our first school night last monday, $85.00 in cost generated 4856.00 on a MONDAY.
We printed out a flier for each childs back pack on friday
then on monday I sent stickers, (flourecent pink with words that says “Rockstar pizza night
I want to be a ROCKSTAR”

They were exstatic to get the money so fast and they said it was the easiest and most profitable they ever done.
as you can see we did 15%…pre tax no coupons…Also let me say that I contribute the large numbers we had this week to carry over traffic.
Things I am going to do different…BIG SIGN saying kids get a free pizza here,
we hve 7 inch pizzas, I am going to give away just for the parent signing up for the email list…
I never had a customer bring in their kid for a free pizza without ordering something…so I reall dont feel I am giving away much

next I am going to have the kids fill out a birthday form (send it along with the flier) just think how valuable having all the elemetary kids birthdays, I can do a party specific mailer…:slight_smile:
keep ya guys informed

I don’t really view it as a loyalty building program because we’re supporting schools. It’s not hard for customers to use daily specials or coupons to receive their food at 15% or more cheaper than menu pricing. Our pizza is the best in town (now that we’ve bought the shop and fixed some problems with ingredients), I just need to use whatever tools I can to have people try our food again and get us on their minds again.