Percentage Profit on Specialty Pizzas

What percentage on pizzas are you trying to achieve for specialties? I was just working on our item cost and with growing costs for toppings, some are under a 50% margin. To achieve a 70% margin, our XL would need priced as high as $40.99 for an all meat pizza. Any insight is appreciated.


Im around 40% food cost on most lg specialty pizzas.

I try to not spend time worrying about percentages and try to look more at profit instead.
I go back to this example from my menu:

French Fries:
Food Cost $1
Menu price $5.50
Percentage 18%
Profit $4.50

Lg Meatlovers:
Food Cost $9
Menu price $19
Percentage 47%
Profit $11

we have decreased all of our protein weights cross the board to help offset rising costs…it has been a huge help getting costs closer to target since you still have to take account the added labor of those pies. The profit example helps with the total picture but you have to take into account your product mix that makes up your % of sales.