Perfect Fry

Has anyone had an experience using a ‘Perfect Fry’ Ventless Hood System fryer?



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Yes & if they weren’t so expensive, everyone would have one…at home!
I’ve been involved with the basic one (1lb/cycle), w/out the dump basket, etc. Here’s my .02…they’re great for low/med volume, but that just means it takes longer to get your ROI. I guess if a person could pick up a good used one for half price, it may be worth it, but @ $6K-ish it will take awhile to break even.
You may be able to get a distributor to bring one in to demo?

I bought a used one for $1500. I cleaned it up and worked great for 2 days. The model that is $7500. Then the fire extinguisher fell just below the fill level. you have to buy a new one. that is $1100 dollars. Also a fan went out. the smaller one (there are 2) it looks like something on the back of a desk top computer. $450 bucks. When things break the computer will not let you continue to use it. I have not fixed it yet due to money shortage. But when it worked it was great. And when I get the money I will fix it, but it does make me wonder what I will have to fix next.

Have you had any problems with it breaking down?

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Very interesting, thanks for the input!

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Currently we are using the Broaster version of the ventless fryer. I started out using Perfect fry units in 2002, but the Broaster units have more capacity. I have had very good luck with the units. Most repairs can be done by the user. If you have any other questions, let me know.

Have you had any serious repair issues

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No, not really.

Not that I know of…

Thanks! We decided to try one in one of our locations after demoing. Looking like Tuesday install!

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