Performance food groups

Anyone using this company? Or has anyone used this company in the past? If so pros/cons?

I use
PFG for some of my order, im in New England.

They are like any other major distributor…

-The Boston based warehouses has great prices on beef, steak, hamburger etc
-I’ve noticed they are ahead on price drops and price increases (you can use this to your advantage)
-lousy prices on cheese, they also cant sell Grande and push Bacio instead. I use Grande so I buy that from US FOODS

-I buy my salad mix and alot of produce from them
Great prices and quality

I should mention that I came from Reinhart and they were bought by PFG awhile ago. I dont know if it matters.

All these distributors are basically the same, so I look at brands and products offered that arent special order and PRICE on my major items

Overall US FOODS has the most of my favorite brands, products and prices

I use them as one of my 3 vendors. They have and do all the usual stuff. They have the best price on my flour (King Arthur). They are the only ones to buy Bacio Cheese from so thats really how they are different and the main reason I use them. The rebate is nice to get every month and it performs well for our product.