Personal Pizzas or SLices?

I posted Slices or no slices last week, but should have mentioned I had a vision of doing personal Pizzas. Any Suggestions would be much appreciated! Also, our place will be casual sit down with beer and wine

I did slices out of my seasonal pizza trailer last year, this year 8" pizzas.
8" pizzas much better for me and most of the customers. Could always do the “hot n ready” concept on the 8" pizzas but have not had the need for it where I am, in the parking lot of a grocery store.

My next plan is the be in a bar with my pizza.
Looking for someone who knows the bar and wants to do that and me do the pizza. A collaberation of sorts.
I am not location specific.


I’ve always had personal pizzas on my menu and just last month, I began PBTS. Guess what? I’m selling a bunch of PBTS, but my sales of personal pizzas have not dropped. My guess is that the Slices and Personal Pizzas generally draw a different crowd. The slice person is quick-on-the-go with very little regard to what topping is on his/her slice. It just needs to be hot and ready. On the other hand, my personal pizza customer enjoys the leisurely lunch, willing to wait the 10 or so minutes to bake up his/her pizza, and knows exactly what topping(s) he/she wants (most of the time, it’s not just pepperoni). So, the moral of my long-winded story is “Serve them both if you can. Your two types of customers will appreciate it.”