Personal Vehicles versus Company Owned

Curious if anyone uses company owned vehicles as opposed to having the drivers provide their own. Have you noticed any pros vs cons?

We had two. All cons!

I started with company owned since I could justify the HUGE cost by offsetting it as marketing expense (I had 4 Honda Elements fully wrapped with pizza & flames graphics all over). Drivers absolutely beat the living crap out of them and the repairs were constant and corporate fleet insurance was very expensive. It did the job but after each one hit the end of their useful life we switched to hired-non-owned and never looked back. We use large toppers with LED lights and much less headaches and more profits.

It always seemed like one was due for maintenance as well. Then we kept the $1 per delivery to offset cost since we paid the gas/upkeep. Drivers didn’t want to use them. Drivers, typically, aren’t the smartest bunch