PESI Ovens

Anyone here using a PESI oven or know of their quality? Their spec sheets compared to Lincoln, MM and XLT show more pizza/hr and lower prices.

Is this too good to be true? Or can they cook pizza faster and more efficient then competitors?

The PESI Pro Series is the “Real Deal!” As a current distributor of the ovens …My customers are in static about them. I’ve been a Middleby Marshall fan forever until I had the opportunity to test the oven on MY terms. I was overwhelmed…The bake was incredible ESPECIALLY for a 4 minute bake! The oven is stainless steel construction throughout a very well put together oven. I’ve been a technician for close to 20 years and love how easy the oven is to install as well as work on…VERY user ,technician and delivery friendly.
What you have heard is not just hype it is accurate. I would be happy to discuss any particular questions you have concerning the ovens. Depending on the size of the oven I could also put you in contact with my customers.
Please don’t hesitate to call me.
Jeff Livingston


What have you had to “work on” already - aren’t these ovens just months old?

I’ve been working with the PESI ovens for about two years now, and I’ve been very pleased and impressed by them, plus, you can’t beat the price with a stick!
The folks at PESI are more than willing to work with you to make sure their ovens are set up correctly for your pizzas, and when combined with the Hearth Bake Disks from Lloyd Pans <> you can get a true, hearth baked bottom crust with all of the moisture controlling properties of the air impingement oven on the top of the pizza. I think PESI can keep their cost down because they re-engineer an existing Middleby-Marshall oven rather than building the entire oven from the ground up.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Interesting, I haven’t heard that before. What do you mean by “re-engineer”?

They buy Middleby-Marshall ovens, gut them out and put in all new, re-engineered (some of the parts/concepts are even patented by PESI) parts. Most, if not all of the “wear” parts are aal “off the shelf” type stuff, rather than being proprietary, so any replacement parts, should they be needed, are easy to come by. Check them out at the next Pizza Show or Pizza Expo.
We’re planning to have one of their ovens available for our students to work with during our Practical Pizza Production Class this October.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Thanks Tom for the information.

Just to be clear, you are referring to their PRO Series ovens - and not their refurbed ovens, right?

Jeff Livingston, please give me a call to discuss this further.



Randy Avery

The Pro Series is the real deal. I have used Blodgett and Middleby Marshall plus a few others. My preference was Blodgett. Once I bought the Pro series and used it I was hooked. Our Managers and crew like it too. PESI will deliver and set up. Too many cool operator features to mention. You must see it to believe it. Go to the next Expo. Or go visit PESI! If you are considering a new oven Dont miss out on this one. I have managed over 40 different pizza locations in 6 different states. I know what I’m talking about.

To quote Tom

Tom Lehmann

Re: Pizza Oven -
As I see it right now, the BOFI, PESI, M-M WOW, and FastBake are all about side by side when it comes to baking performance. Yes, the Lincoln, FastBake does utilize the newest technologies. With the correct finger configuration you should be able to get the same bake from any of these ovens

George Mills

Yes, I am referring to their “Pro Series” ovens. I’m sorry, I should have mentioned that in my initial response.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

When I do the delivery,hookup and calibration… I do a full visual inspection of ALL components, wires, wire connections etc. ( In the event they might have shaken loose in shipment)
The simplicity of this …is what I wanted to display for prospective buyers.
Hope this answered your question.

Just as important is to make sure the oven is correctly profiled for the customer’s specific type of pizza(s) and other products going through the oven.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Thank you forum members for your comments, for those new or not familiar with PESI, or its products
and services let me clarify some previous posts with this one. This is to provide a distinction between
the Pro Series new oven line and our refurbished ovens. :wink:

PESI has almost 200 years of combined talent in the pizza industry.

PESI is the largest refurbisher of pizza related equipment worldwide. PESI takes used pizza equipment;
mixers, ovens & sheeters and brings them back to “life” or makes them look and run like the original
condition from the manufacturer.

A few years ago we decided that the Big Three Manufacturer’s:
• Middleby Marshall
• Lincoln
• Blodgett
made good machinery but some lacked in areas where others succeeded. Since we have refurbished
thousands of ovens, we knew what worked and what didn’t. So we created a new line of Ovens, called the Pro Series

  1. Middleby Marshall, we observed their electronics and ease of troubleshooting
    (Not from their WOW series, these ovens are a nightmare).

Parts are available from PESI or our “cross-overs” from existing models in the industry, for example the
temperature controller; you can use PESI’s or Middleby Marshall’s. The Pro Series line is simple to
troubleshoot and replace parts. The controls are easy to get to; see the swing able door…

  1. Lincoln, we took note of their low profile and direct drive air circulation. If you need a replacement
    blower motor, you can attain it from PESI or Lincoln.

  2. Blodgett, we were excited about the cold air return feature. By utilizing the slide-able cold air returns,
    we were able to create a cooking cloud and inward rolling effect of the convectionized air (patented)

The Pro Series combined all of these features and added patented features to accelerate this line and
cater to the service companies and end users.

Turbine Style Flame Spreader; approximately 5 times the efficiency of a flat plate spreader coupled
with a modulating gas train (patented)

3 Piece Impingement Fingers with Proportionate air “scoops; computer models were generated to
create the proporiate air flow so that every section of the finger has the same air flow. (patented)

Plug and Play with ease of installation; for the serviceman or installer, screw the caster set into the rear
guard and roll the oven in. Installation can be as quick as 15 minutes (patented)

Ruggedness in Build – Thus we state “Built like a Tank”, which is why we named them after tanks.

The PS3240, PS3255 & PS4055 are 2 ovens in 1. If one side goes down you could still operate on half
the oven until it is repaired.

The PS3280 is 4 ovens in 1. This is extreme cooking while utilizing less gas than a single MM PS360.
How would you like to produce 200 plus pizzas per hour on one oven.