Petite Shrimp Question

Hey all,
I want to add a few shrimp items to the menu… shrimp on a salad, pizza, in a couple of pastas… and I got a test batch of cooked 250-300ct. per # from my supplier.

They are perfect in size but man are they fishy (shrimpy) tasting. The flavor just overpowers everything that it’s in.

I tried marinating them in oil and spices, sautéing them with garlic and butter, and even re-boiling them and adding a dash of salt… it defiantly makes them taste better but that rank flavor is still there.

My supplier doesn’t have any other brands of shrimp so I think I’m stuck.

Thoughts and getting that flavor out of there?

Thanks all!

For what its worth…Those micro shrimp are an insult to me as customer ( have yet to open)…I just think they scream cheap…I know you have watch the size you use and can not go to big…but I would look for something in the 40-60 count (pp)…or at least 60-80…I do not think you will battle the taste issue like you are as well.

Hi Int,
We use block frozen shrimp 40/60 shell on. It’s a pain in the butt to shell them, but I do all the prep so not much labor there, but the quality is 100 times better for us. You can still add an impressive amount for presentation as well. I’m just grabbing a couple secinds off my feet during our rush, if you want my brand send me a private. Lata!

Have to agree here. The mini shrimp = cheap to me. Unless being cheap is your hook . . .

OOH! OOH! Mr. KOTTER!![/size]

HUGE added benefit is that those shells can VERY easily become shrimp butter and/or a shrimp sauce for pizzas and pasta. Drop the shells in a blender or processor with a pound or two of butter. Pulse a few times to pulverize. Now, poach the shells at lowish temp for about 15 minutes (heat to melt butter and keep heat at medium low). Pour through a fine sieve or cheesecloth. The flavor will be delicate and sublime. Also, this butter can be used for a white sauce. Thyme goes well with this, or a little tarragon.

Alternately, simmer bruised shells in water just barely to cover. Strain. Reduce and use for sauce . . .think a starch thickened stock (veloute).

(insert drool emoticons here)

ok, i checked with my supplier today and the next size would be the 51-60ct. at $5.25 per#, cooked with tail-on.

So, I will have to go get a sample of these and test out the “shrimpy” taste.

I like the idea of using the tails as a “shrimp butter” like you said Nick, but the wife already over-rulled that idea. :roll: lol

I will let you all know how the flavoring is with these style of shrimp but have a couple questions for you…

Seeing as though these are Cooked with Tail-on, I know for Pizza topping I will pull the tail-off, but what about salads and pastas? Do you guys pull the tails or no? And for the Salads, do the keep the cold or warm them in some hot water like I will be doing for the pastas?

Thanks again all!

You will find that the pre-cooked shrimp are ‘light’ on actual flavor to begin with reheating them in unseasoned water will further drop the taste. If you are going to be using 51-60 count, you would either BREIFLY sautee to reheat, or just put in the bowl when you drop your hot pasta in. Heat from noodles should heat them through . . . though not to the 165F that might be suggested by food police.

Drop in the pan with the sauce to heat through would also work. Maybe having some shrimp stock (using shrimp base) simmering for a quick blanch of the shrimps would be too much work, but sould boost flavor and seasoning.

Brief nuke at moderate temp works brilliantly, but the guy driving the microwave had better know what he’s doing. The noodle and sauce warming are both preferable to this one.

TAILS: I leave them on for both salads and pastas to allow for the “forbidden” eating with the fingers . . . good handle.

Got a bag of the 51-60 cooked tail-on… i thawed in some cold water and tasted, they are perfect, no weird taste.

Question on salads… do you just throw them in the salad cold, or do you sautee them and add some flavor then throw them in the salad?

Thanks again! and yes the 51-60ct. size is very nice. Same size are RedLobster :lol:

As a shrimp fiend, get “Wild Caught” and not “Farm Raised”. I feel they are much more flavorful.

hmm, says neither of the 2 on the package. What is the taste difference?

One drawback of pre-coked is that you get very short window of reheating. Thgey can get tough and stringy if sauteed . . . but are great gently reheated in a pasta bowl with noodles and sauce. You might could drop them briefly in some salt-water to season them a bit and warm through.