PFG Roma update.

Thanks for the insight guys! Thought I would update.
So I filled out an application with the PFG/Roma guy and it looks like we will be setup for next week. So like I said in my last most of my biz is through US and I have Sysco as a backup. One of the things I found interesting is that Roma wanted the names and phone # of my current vendors. Well after turning in the papaerwork US and Sysco all of a sudden have massive price decreases and the sales reps who I see once in a blue moon when I short pay an invoice by $5 are allof a sudden coming by, giving samples and want to “partner with me”! I was paying 22-23 for 74/40 tomatoes, US is now at 19 and Sysco comes in 18.50! Flour is all of a sudden $17 down from 22-23 and Polly-o cheese which was $2.70-$2.85 is $2.40 from US and $2.44 from Sysco! I couldnt get these guys to get off there butts to call me now all of a sudden Im the most important guy on earth! Oh well if I would have gotten the service their now offering I wouldve never even talked to this guy from Roma.
Anyone using Grande? Ive never used it, PFG says its worth the extra money. I use Polly-o which I feel is good and worth the extra money but as I told him it seems to be softer now than a few years ago, like they changed something.

Grande is top-notch. Very tasty and great performance.